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So this months blog is a little late but I’ve been a little busy!

Im now officially a mature student and in full swing at uni, drowning in assignments and procrastinating like a pro! So far the course is amazing and I’m learning lots of new skills that will eventually help me continue building Tamography media vision I have.

Don’t know if you’ve heard but I headed out on my first tour with the amazing Jade helliwell and the wife was the support so that was really nice to have her around.

What can I say from

The start right up until today whilst we’re stuck in traffic the whole process has been amazing!

Jade has the most amazing team around her, the tour was smooth running, the atmosphere every night was what she deserved and the boys well their an awesome bunch!

I’m so honoured she gave me a chance to try new things as I’m learning! It’s people like Jade that really help me get my business off the ground by taking risks!

Let’s face it you have to take risks to get anywhere in life, imagine if you didn’t how boring would that be!

I have so much respect for independent artists a tour is no easy job and I think Jade absolutely nailed it!

Reflections on the media side, I learned so much, I’ve become quicker at my video editing, when the superstars sleep I edit, remember to charge batteries, make friends with the lighting engineer in every venue and just come out each night knowing I hit the brief!

So yeah october has been an amazing adventure for me with lots of learning. Lots more projects in the pipeline for the end of the year so keep your eyes peeled!

Again thanks for reading

And until next month

Take care

Tammy xx


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