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Okay, so, after all this time spent writing and recording your next release, you find yourself a few steps away from sharing your blood, sweat, tears and all kinds of emotion to the world! 

Before you decide on a release date there are still a few steps to go, right? 

And arguably one of the biggest steps is the artwork and visual promotion (this is always my favourite part!)

After working with various artists on single and EP artwork I have come to realise just how important the process leading up to nailing the artwork is for them. It's not only about snapping a portrait style picture and slapping it on the front cover of a project. It's about telling the story within the release - something many of my artists have spent years creating for their fans.

This package is definitely more of a creative journey and so each quote will be based on what the artist requires:

  • Initial brainstorming call to discuss ideas (1hr)

  • Sending over of the track/tracks for me to listen to 

  • Second call to discuss concept, creative ideas and a storyboard

  • Location scouting

  • Shooting 1-3hrs

  • Finished artwork, plus 6 extra, high-quality, edited images that fit with the concept 

  • x2 High quality social media banners for 'Pre-sale' and 'Out Now'

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