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We all know that touring as a musician is something of a dream come true, you feel like you’re heading in the right direction. There are many meanings behind a tour; growing your fan base, getting to see the world, performing to your fans night after night. 

I get it,  I myself have been obsessed with tour style documentaries from an early age. It's so exciting to watch some of the greats' journeys into the industry. I like the opportunity it gives us, the fans, to connect and understand the world our favourite artists live in. 

If it wasn’t for this amazing art form of reportage/documentary style photography and videography we would never know what goes on. 

So why not let me join you on your tour to capture the magic within the highs, the lows and the amazing memories you can look back on forever! 

This package will include:

  • 24hr access to me and my camera 

  • Live stage shots

  • Backstage shots

  • 3min video of the whole tour 

  • Bespoke option to the package that can be discussed to suit your needs.

Travel and accommodation will be billed separately and I will always ensure that this will be as cost effective as possible. It is also worth noting that the earlier this is booked, the cheaper it will be.

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