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These days every man and his dog has a social media account of some form.

Truth be told social media is the most cost effective and efficient way to build and grow your audience am I right?

There are so many amazing musicians in the world, if you are releasing music, playing gigs, selling Merch  lets face it you need a place your fans can go to follow your journey.


As an artist its your decision to decide how big a part social media will play in your career.


I've worked with lots of artists who use their social media as an extension of their art, I love this as I believe imagery and personality adds so much value to them as an artist.


With my social package I want to help you create an outstanding aesthetic and let your brand identity scream out from the pages of your socials. Tell your story and educate your fans.


The package includes:


  • Initial call to discuss ideas/storyboard


  • 1-2hr session


  • 25 high quality edited images

Travel, accommodation and studio space will be billed separately.

I will always ensure that this will be as cost effective as possible.

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