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That Self Employed Panic

Welcome back to another ramble

Being self employed isn’t a new way of working for me and the financial fear isn’t either but this month I must say I’m feeling the panic more than I ever have in the 7 years I’ve ran my own businesses.

This is the first time I’ve been quiet from setting up Tamography over a year ago.

I’ve had the busiest few months from shooting Art work for various artists, making music videos and being hired for festivals. I’ve just hit one of the slumps this month.

Running your own business gives you many titles and job roles which can be extremely daunting at times. But what I’ve learned over the years is to not sit around and wait for the work to come to you because let’s face it IT WONT!

So instead of letting that panic set in here’s what I’m doing at the moment.

I’m currently looking at restructuring my service packages for artists, looking at new ways to market myself and my business and how to reach a bigger audience. Making changes to my website.

So it might seem as tho I’m quiet but this is where the business part of my job comes in, As much as I love being out on shoots and editing this is the nitty gritty stuff that I struggle with on the daily! But it has to be done!

The best part about being self employed is how much you have to develop and grow constantly, I’m always learning and always out of my comfort zone. No one got anywhere being comfortable right?

In other news I have some amazing projects in the pipeline for some incredible artists!

Spoiler alert: I’m shooting a music video on Sunday……

that’s it from me this month

Thanks for reading

Tammy x


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