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Birthday, Re-Branding and a European road trip.

Hello and welcome back to another monthly ramble.

So this month Tamography turned 1! A whole year of taking snaps who’d of thought it? What a year it’s been, looking back I’ve done so much in such a little space of time!

From live shows, award nights, festivals, to making amazing connections with past and future clients. I’ve even had a dabble in making a couple of music videos! I’ve grown and developed my skills and so much more!

The journey so far has been a huge high, with it’s fair share of stressful times to but you know the saying “no pressure no diamond” right!

If you’re a regular reader I’m sure you will of seen the recent rebrand? I LOVE IT! But why rebrand? Well basically I started to discover who I am as a business and the old branding wasn’t quite suited to what I wanted so I spent some time deciding what I want and how I want to market myself and hey presto Tamography Media was re-born!

This month I’ve been doing lots of things and planning some amazing jobs coming up for the rest of the year, unfortunately I can’t always speak about what I’m doing until it’s completed. You’ll have to be patient and just keep your eyes peeled!

However what I can talk about is the Under Exposed magazine I’m super excited to releasing issue 3 in September, as always I have three super talented artists featured and I can’t wait for you to get a copy!

If you follow me on social media you will see that I’ve had a little holiday with the wife! We did a mini tour of Europe and finally got to give (black Betty) our camper van a proper spin! So many memories were made in the 10 days. we hit a fair few places, Luxembourg, France (to see the in-laws), Germany, Belgium and Dunkirk!

We’ve done so much from exploring cities, sleeping on mountains, visiting museums, beaches, and we’ve eaten so much scrumptious food!

What’s next this month?

Well I have an interview for a media and tv production course! I’ve decided I really want to go towards the music video route and there’s always room to learn! You all know I’ll always be humble, true to myself and I’m never shy to say I can learn more, and to deliver the highest quality service to my clients I feel this is a brilliant step in the right direction for me and Tamography.

So that’s about it for now, head back next month to see what’s happening!

Thank you again for reading

Tammy xx


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