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Hello September

Hello September

I hope everyone is doing well and managed to buy a new kettle for the return in investment 😂

I’m thinking I may need to purchase more than one though?

This month is crazy, I applied for college last month and was told I was too qualified after the tutor looked at my portfolio I’ve built over the past year. 👀

For someone who really does deal with imposter syndrome I was really pleased to hear how well an outsider thinks I’m doing with my work, sometimes it’s really easy to get wrapped up in my own head and be my own worst critic. So anyways back to what happened, he personally emailed the tutor at the uni over the road and said I should be on his course haha!

So after an informal interview I applied and I only got in didn’t I! So as of September 19th I will be a full time mature student studying TV A FILM whaaaaat! Anxiety is real but I know how much this course will be for the future plans of Tamography Media and the clients I work with too so I’m ready for the next chapter!

As for the business side I’m still very much in full swing, September came around and my diary went nuts! I have a couple of shoots booked in and I’m really excited to get cracking with these amazing artists and bring their visions to life!

In other exciting news I can finally talk about the fact I will be joining the amazing Jade Helliwell on tour, not just to rock up and take photos but........

Are you ready……..


Documentary style reportage has always been an obsession of mine since I was young, I love to see the good the bad and the ugly of musicians lives. I mean its not the most "normal" job on the planet and something about being on the road for work has always fascinated me, Theres so much more to being a singer and this style of work has always given us the audience a chance to see behind the scenes.

This is going to be a huge project for me and I will be most certainly stepping out of my comfort zone, but like I always say theres no growth without discomfort.

I've been working on this in the background for a while, learning what shot types i'm going to use, what the story is? what we want to tell the audience, script writing, learning about sound and so much more.

Ever since working with Jade last year we have built a great working relationship.

I couldn't think of anyone better to do this collaboration with if I'm honest, I have so much respect for her as an artist and her work ethic is insane, the girl knows how to graft.

I can not wait to create something magical with her.

and if I fail miserably I'll learn from it and it wont be aired to the public haha!!

That’s it for me this month, I’m off to George Home (asda) to stock up on kettles.

Thanks again for reading and until next month take care!

Tammy x


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