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Why I Started Photography.

Hello to my new readers, my name is Tammy and I have recently launched my photography business Tamography.

I've decided to start a blog and document my journey throughout this adventure into the unknown.

For the past five years I have run a successful Personal training business until a couple of months ago I decided it was time to put all or nothing into photography ahhhh!!

Why you ask??

Well I'm not entirely sure if I'm completely honest with you all.

I'm currently full of anxiety. Imposter syndrome is sitting firmly on my shoulder, and the feeling of being overwhelmed starting a whole new business I know nothing about scares the shit out of me.

Again why am I doing this you ask?

My reason is because after living a very creative lifestyle for many years I suppressed that part of me for so long and I've finally found a new creative outlet.

Photography sets my soul on fire, it's already given me experiences that a financially stable job could never give me.

I've had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing people already and this just makes my heart burst when we create something and it brings their vision to life.

So why is the above important? Well for me i grew up on a council estate where i was always led to believe i would never amount to much, rough upbringing brings along rough kids with all types of issues.

I always played sports until the age of 14 when I was dared by a friend to take a dance class.

Let me put this into perspective I was a huuuuge tomboy and if it didn't involve a ball of some kind I wasn't interested.

I turned up to that dance class in a full football kit, did not have an ounce of rhythm in my body, but that class saved my life! As I started to move I felt as free as a bird and I know that's so cliche but it's what I felt. From then on I became obsessed, lived and breathed everything dance. I finally had somewhere to express pain, happiness and every emotion in between.

I continued my studies at college and degree level, whilst doing this I worked my way up in the ranks at the community classes/ company I took part in when I was 14 and began giving back to kids growing up just like me in my community.

I choreographed pieces for regular dance competitions and my squad were amazing, honestly some of the best memories of my life. Guess how I remember these times now? Yup you guessed it through images.

After a career change and going into a non creative industry for a while, I started to get the creative itch which was very much tickled by a budget bedroom D.I.Y photoshoot I did for my wife to be, throughout Lockdown in 2020. I did this shoot using my mobile phone and together we created the artwork for her EP Firecracker she later released in the summer of 2020. Although this was something extremely new to me there was just something about creating art in a new form and I knew I had to explore this feeling of excitement then and there.

Emilia Quinn Firecracker EP Cover
Emilia Quinn Firecracker EP Cover

So yeah that's where my journey into photography began really. If you've read this far, thank you. Keep an eye out for my monthly Blog all about my new career into an amazing world of photography.

Tammy x


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