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What a year January was aye?

Hiya you lot,

What a year January was. This was my first month of actually being quiet on the shoot front, i must admit going fully self employed as a photographer didn't scare me when it came to income i spent 5 years self employed in a gym I'm used to finances going up and down from month to month but what i have struggled with is keeping myself busy without shoots.

Now i have had time to reflect back on the month i'd like to think i used this “quiet” stage to my advantage, i have worked hard on the business side of Tamography i.e focusing on what style of photography i want to do, how to build my brand and how to promote my business, what type of clients i want to work with etc, and i feel like i'm in a really good position for the year ahead.

It's the mundane boring stuff but I feel so much better and I have a vision to work towards. I can't wait for you all to join me on the journey too.

So we're into February now and work is starting to come in thick and fast, there's so much exciting stuff happening. Some stuff I can share with you and other things I can't, sorry not sorry!!

In December 2021 I was hired to do a shoot for a very special collaborative project with EJ from This shoot was probably my biggest to date, 6 models, 3 locations and most importantly working on someone's brand. I'm so excited for the work to be revealed in the Boho Buffalo Collective project. If you're a fan of the uk Country music scene ( which i know a lot of you are) you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for this you won't want to miss it!

I don't know if you know but I'm sponsoring an award at awards night and I'm the official photographer for the evening too. I'm still pinching myself that people have that faith and trust in me to do such a big job. I decided to sponsor the award as I wanted to give back to the community of artists that hire me for shoots, and award shows regardless of size, reputation etc mean that independent artists can be recognised for the amazing work they do. So it was a no brainer for me.!! Wishing every Nominee the best of luck!!

I've spent a lot of time getting out and about with my camera and working on my technique which has sparked an idea for a rather long term project, i'll share with you at some point maybe? I've found that sometimes not having work/brief to follow often sparks creativity for me. I have fully enjoyed throwing myself into some new things, still focused around music photography obviously.

I've made a conscious effort to work on ideas/ways to promote my photography and get my images out into the world for people to admire.I love attending gigs and creating images for artists but this won't always pay the bills. I've had to think outside the box but I honestly cannot wait to be able to speak about all the stuff happening but for now i will just have to stay excited, nervous and super proud of myself until you all know the secret!! Ahhhhh

Thanks again for reading

Tammy x


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