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New Year, Same old me……….. Maybe?

Happy New year to all my readers. What a blast 2021 was but, as 2022 begins, I can't help but be excited.

I often use the new year to look back on what I achieved the previous year, don't we all?

As you all know, I took the plunge and launched Tamography - so what did I achieve?


Let's break it down; I built an amazing client base of independent singers, I got to go on tour dates with Kezia Gill and Jade Helliwell and capture some amazing moments on and off stage, I completed my first festival at the amazing Buckle & Boots, I was an official photographer at the BCMA awards evening (which was insane!!!) , plus working in the studio with Kira Mac and her band behind the scenes. This was a highlight of my career so far. I loved seeing them working and creating new work, it was really magical and an honour to be allowed to see their process. I created a music video with my amazing wife, Emilia Quinn, as well as creating various promotional content for her (including the Medicate EP cover). I've also worked on some projects that I can't speak of just yet… but let me tell you, they're amazing and I can't wait for the world to see them come to life.

I think the biggest achievements for me have to be having the "worse than whiskey video" Premiered in Maverick magazine tho WOW! And finally i was the official photographer for Dolly Parton's imagination Library in Oldham, The queen didn't show up tho maybe next time dolls.

Whilst doing all this I've built a solid network of amazing people around me and without you all spurring me on and supporting me I don't think this would have been possible so thank you!!

So what's the plan for 2022?

Well, we got off to a great start as the “ Worse than Whiskey” video has a nomination at the UKCMSA'S. I mean, I can't even put into words how proud I am that my work got a nomination. So thrilled to be seen and recognised for what Emilia and I created. I've also sponsored the award for “Song of the year” because I wanted to give back to the community that has given so much to me in the early stages of my career. The UK Country Music scene has some amazing talent, so why wouldn't I sponsor an award?

I think I'm going to continue being the same old me I guess, however, I will be setting goals and looking to improve my photography. I want to continue building and developing my own style and just getting out more with my camera, keep an eye out for new work coming to my socials.

Photography can be super overwhelming when deciding what you want to do because there are so many genres/styles and services. What I do know is that I will be exclusively a music photographer because that's what sets my soul on fire.

So yeah, New year - Same me

Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll see some of you at a gig soon,

Tammy xx


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