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Where is my march blog?

Where is My March Blog?

Haha ok so I didn’t manage to get March’s blog out but I’m sure you can all forgive me right?

March was insanely busy for me as a business, I started the month releasing My magazine AHHHHHH!

The Under exposed launch couldn’t of gone any better than I could've hoped for! Honestly you lot are amazing we sold out in 4 DAYS WTF!!!

After the craziness of the magazine launch I lost my C2C virginity and me and the wife headed down for the weekend, obviously I was working and had some bookings to capture some amazing UK artists. I’m still in shock people want to pay me money for my services.

I had an absolute ball that weekend and I certainly hit my step count haha!

My takeaway artist was Morgan Wade I’m literally in love and ready to jump ship from the wife to marry her 😂

But then the wife decided to release me a love song “one of you” so I’m currently taking back that statement.

On the photography front I have some really exciting projects coming up and I’m also going to be filming another music video! It’s not for the wife this time so I’m feeling super anxious about it, but I’m

Excited to be out of my comfort zone and grow even more. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

The month ended a little shitty as the wife got poorly and ended up in hospital having her appendix out, so I’ve had to put a few things on hold and focus on being the best nurse I can be.

So not too much from me today but again thanks again for reading.

I hope you’re all good.

Tammy x


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