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About me

Hello and welcome. I'm Tammy and I am the eyes behind the lens here at Tamography. I am a freelance photographer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

It all started with my wife to be...

She's an independent musician and throughout lockdown it was impossible to get a photographer so I jumped in to help with her promotional work. This was a world away from my work nowadays, proper budget bedroom DIY photography on my iPhone. 

Right there in the bedroom using my phone something captured my creativity and I wanted to delve deeper into this art form. 

For me music has always been a huge part of my life, I danced from the age of 14 and not a day passed by that i didn't put my creativity into a piece using music. 

Now I'm still using music to be creative just from a different angle. 

As a believer that music really does take you back to a moment in time, I decided I wanted to capture those moments not just for me but for the artists that gave me those moments. So I jumped into the world of music photography. 

A lot of my portfolio consists of live music photography, creative shoots and promotional images. 

I like to get to know my clients and the reason that I'm shooting so I can truly connect to the person or event and capture the best images to authentically portray them.

Emilia Quinn

"Life through a different lens"

Kira Mac

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